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Please join us for Waves to Wine 2019!

The riding levels on the team vary from some who had never ridden more than five miles on a road before joining to others who have ridden the Terrible Two (200 miles with 16,000 feet of climbing in one day), and all levels in between.  We have had a few organized training rides over the summer, but we depend on folks to ride on their own.  Just to be clear - anyone who has a uterus or came from one is welcome to join!

The ride either departs from San Francisco or Rohnert Park (based on your choice) on the first day. You can ride as few as 20 miles on Saturday and/or 40 miles on Sunday, and as many as 162 miles over the two days. We have a party on Saturday night at the sleepover spot in Rohnert Park.  The Northern California MS Society provides food, entertainment, showering facilities, and massages, and our support team supplements with snacks and drinks in our very own team tent. Many of us camp right there in the field, although hotels are also available.  People who only ride one day can either ride on day one and then head home after the party, or come for the party and ride the next. They also provide buses and trucks to carry you and your stuff back to the start line in SF.  Some people take the bus and some people arrange rides back with friends.

Let us know if you want to ride!  There is a small registration fee, and everyone has to raise a minimum of $350. If you can’t pay the registration let me know, and I may be able to get you a discount as a new rider.

To support the team:
You can donate to an individual rider or to the team and you are welcome to come support us at the ride.   You can also register as a virtual cyclist (no registration fee and no minimum) to raise money!

Email to get added to the team mailing list to hear about training rides, get-togethers, craft parties, and ride preparations.


The Best Team. Period.